The document heritage is divided into three sections: the first is the historical archive which includes the document funds of the Gremios de Velers, de Velluters, de Perxers and the Grand Art of Silk Association. It is a collection of more than 3000 documents from 1533 until today, among them are the parchments from the XVI century among them is the the signed confirmation by the emperor Carlos I , of the approved ordinances and the orders by the advisors of Barcelona to a Cofradía de Tejedores de Velos from the city of Monzon on 16 December 1533. The second is the library-newspapers, with thousands of different volumes on different subjects related to the textile industry in general and to the silk industry in particular. The third and last section is a photographic archive with more than 80 albums and 5000 photographs arranged in chronological order, a project which has been organized by the Association since the beginning of the XX century.

All this documented heritage is organized, classified and computerized, after a lengthy task carried out in the last decade. The historical archive is currently deposited at l'Historical Archive of the City - Casa de l'Ardiaca.