The Gremi de Velers, since its construction in 1533 until the XVII century, met in the Church of Santa Anna. At the end of this century, it was moved to the Convent of Santa Catalina, where today the market with the same name is located. In 1757, it was agreed to construct a social building whereby two houses and a mansion were acquired, bordered by the streets of Sant Pere Mes Alt, Voltes de Jonqueres y Riera Sant Joan. It was here that in 1763, the social building of the Association was built, under the supervision and design of Joan Garrido. A statue of Our Lady of the Angels was put on the corner of the building, a work by the sculptor Joan Enric.

The Sgraffito on the facade, representing Atlantis and caryatids, is considered the most important Catalan Baroque in Barcelona. The Catalan Baroque style also defines the Sala Gremial, one of the biggest and well known spaces in Ciutat Vella.

The building was declared an architectural monument- national artistic interest because of its splendid Sgraffito- by Royal order on 2 June 1919. In 1928, it was restored and enlarged under the direction of the architect Jeroni Matorell.

Between the years 2000 and 2008, the building underwent a major rehabilitation where all the reception and meeting rooms, furniture, woodwork, upholstery, parchments were restored and the exterior facade, balconies, Sgraffito, shutters, roof and lobby were cleaned and renovated.