The Association is the institution representative of all the Silk Industry since its origin and oversees the preservation of its heritage, which also belongs to all members

It aims to assist and support the protection and development of the silk industry, promoting all which triggers this to happen, in full cooperation with the Federation of Silk Textile and its associate members such as el Gremio de Cinteros and the Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Tules, Bordados y Encajes, all who share a common office in the same building of The Association.

It owns the estate, historical, cultural and artistic life of the silk industry. The head office and reception room, with its considerable size and beauty, is an ideal setting to host social and professional events: Galas of the silk industry, congresses of AIUFFASS and Eurocolor, awards ceremonies of the New Design of Lace and Embroideries contest, Spanish Intertextile Council Meeting seminars and training courses, fashion shows, trend presentations and formal sessions of the Royal Academy of Physicians among others.